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Welcome to home of performance coaching
& culture transformation

What are you looking for?

I want to transform the performance of my organization
I want to become a performance coach
I want to transform my performance leadership skills

The Power of Purpose

We grow world-class leaders that build and embed culture
defined by purpose, passion and high-performance

It all starts with unlocking the limitless potential of individual human beings.

Our work is driven by 3 core values: Human Evolution, Authenticity, Courage. 

Our mission – to inspire a transformation in the workplace that positively impacts
the lives of billions of people and rebalances our relationship with the planet.

Thrive into the future

40 Years Delivering Excellence Worldwide

Performance Consultants is led by futurists

The company was co-founded by Sir John Whitmore, pioneer of coaching
in the workplace, and Tim Gallwey, author of The Inner Game series.

Performance Consultants are owners of The GROW Model,
The Performance Curve and The Inner Game.

For 40 years we have specialized in building and embedding
interdependent cultures worldwide, in more than 20 languages,
with over 200 international coaches and facilitators.

It is time to deliver impact with accelerated high-performance programs

The Performance Curve

Every human culture can be defined against 1 of 4 phases along The Performance Curve:
Impulsive; Dependent; Independent; Interdependent

Today the majority of global businesses are stalling.

They need a runway to fly.

We deliver tailored learning programs so that leaders and
coaches can unlock the limitless potential of their teams.

Bill Gates’ Inner Game

Discover how The Inner Game influenced Bill Gates and our Co-Founder Tiffany Gaskell.

High Impact Culture Transformation

Partner with us to unlock limitless potential for individuals and organizations

Culture Transformation

Transform your organization through a bespoke culture change approach


Transformational training for high-performing leaders, teams and organizations


World-class coaching tailored to senior leaders and high-performing teams


Cutting-edge assessment tools for coaches and organizations