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Create a high-performance culture and transform your organization

Transformational coaching from the pioneers of performance coaching – created for high-performing leaders, teams and organizations.

“Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”
Coaching pioneer Sir John Whitmore

Work with the pioneers of coaching.

  • Executive coaching is tailor-made leadership development for individual leaders and managers. Working 1:1 with an executive coach can lead to extraordinary results and help leaders thrive
  • Team coaching is bespoke development for teams, working with 1-2 expert team coaches. The team can grow from being a collection of talented individuals to become a high performing team
  • Group coaching is a learning and development process for managers who share the same type of challenges and who want to develop their leadership identity and effectiveness
  • Coaches need coaching too! Mentor coaching is when you are coached on your coaching skills in preparation for certification as a coach.
  • Become a coach by joining our Performance Coach Certification program. Learn transformational coaching skills and become a world-class executive coach yourself.

Global, local and online coaching with world-class coaches

Performance Consultants pioneered performance coaching in organizations over 40 years ago and still leads the field globally in business coaching and leadership development.

Performance Consultants partners with clients to help them deliver extraordinary results. Our world-class team of professional coaches serve leaders and teams around the globe. We have experienced coaches available in over 130 countries and the capacity to deliver cross-cultural executive coaching inside multinational organizations. Our team coaches are specially trained to work with group relationships and systems.

“We had a true partnership with Performance Consultants who helped us every step of the way, from concept to launch to implementation and ongoing tracking. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for an executive coaching framework in any ambitious organization.”
Mari-Ann Kucharek CPPC, HR Business Partner, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi

Case study:
Executive coaching

easyJet logo

Europe’s leading airline, easyJet, asked Performance Consultants to help develop senior leaders within easyJet’s Talent Development Program through executive coaching, and demonstrate a direct impact on performance. In this case study we focus on one senior leader, the program developed to support his individual development and the results delivered.






Coaching Glossary

Want to know the difference between “coaching presence” and “coaching mindset”? We have written the definitive Glossary of Coaching Terms for leaders and coaches. Here are just a few examples:

ACCOUNTABILITY    The coach/leader trusts the coachee/employee and holds them accountable for progress in their thinking, learning, or ACTIONS in relation to their AGENDA and goals, through structures and measures co-designed and agreed from the start, and without blame or judgment. The coach/leader assists coachees/employees in creating accountability structures for themselves with the mindset of “we are each responsible for our own development.” Questions to set up accountability include: “What will you do?,” “By when?,” and “How will I know?See also CHECKING IN ON PROGRESS
COACHING FEEDBACK    The coach/leader draws out self-feedback from the coachee/employee, focusing on the goal, not the obstacle, so that interferences can fall to the side, learning and new insights can occur, and potential can come through. Effective feedback, whether self-feedback or from the coach/leader’s observations, enables the coachee/employee to identify major strengths and major areas for learning and growth.
COACHING MINDSET    The coach/leader believes that the coachee/employee is capable, resourceful, and full of potential. Believing in the dormant capability of a person will build their self-belief and self-motivation and enable them to flourish. And with that mindset, you can coach them to make their own powerful choices and find enjoyment in their performance and their success.
COACHING PRESENCE    To create a spontaneous and deep relationship with the coachee/employee, the coach/leader needs to be fully conscious and flexible. This requires being open to not knowing, taking risks, and experimenting with new possibilities. The coach/leader must be confident in shifting PERSPECTIVES and working with (and not getting caught up in) strong emotions, accessing their own INTUITION, and using humor to introduce lightness and lift energy. Being fully present with the coachee/employee is the master competency of coaching. See also DANCING IN THE MOMENT

The Power of Performance Coaching

In “The Coach in Your Head” podcast, Michael Lewis investigates the origins and the power of performance coaching. He puts it to the test with Performance Consultants MD Tiffany Gaskell and creator of The Inner Game, Tim Gallwey

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Transformational coaching from the pioneers in workplace coaching