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Coaching as a management style

Join our free webinar on the Application of Coaching as a Management Style led by Jon Williams, Senior Consultant at Performance Consultants, who has over 20 years’ experience of building a coaching culture in a leading bank. On this call, you will learn simple and effective tools that you can incorporate into the way you carry out your role as a manager which will radically improve your performance and also that of your teams.

As our Chairman Sir John Whitmore liked to remind us:

“Coaching is much bigger than coaching!”

Sir John Whitmore

Coaching for Performance around the world

Are you interested in reaching your full potential and enabling your team and organization to reach theirs? Or are you looking to become a certified coach? Performance Consultants have the right solution for you delivered through our highly acclaimed public courses which we host across the world.

If you have a group of people who want training, all programmes are available in-house, and can also be customized for your organization. To learn more, please contact our CEO David Brown at

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Join one of our webinars to find out more about a coaching leadership style

CIPD London: Have your cake … Eat your car!

We had lots of fun at the CIPD Learning & Development Show in London explaining why we had a fabulous bright yellow racing car cake on our stand.

John Whitmore CIPD London Olympia

In the business world, Sir John Whitmore (shown here with his ‘car-cake’ at our CIPD stand) is best known for the GROW Model, his work on leadership development and book Coaching for Performance which is now the No. 1 Best Seller on in three categories: Management; Business team management skills; and Business coaching & mentoring skills.

In the world of sports, Sir John is a racing legend. In fact it’s not so long ago that Olympia London hosted an entirely different event at which a 1965 Ford Lotus Cortina driven by Formula 1 World Champion Jim Clark and Sir John sold at auction. And early in his racing career, Sir John achieved his dream of racing at Le Mans, competing in a Ford GT40 with Innes Ireland.

A slice of chocolate cake disguised as the bright yellow McLaren M8F Sir John drove to victory in his 1990 racing comeback is not all that people wanted from us at the CIPD show. Companies also were keen to find out how Performance Consultants could work with them on leadership development, performance improvement and organizational transformation, based on our 30 years of experience working with individuals and companies around the world.

Management coaching tip: Developing a coaching mindset

When you go to work tomorrow, try incorporating the three fundamentals of a coaching mindset:

  1. Look for potential, not problems
  2. Acknowledge progress and success
  3. Don’t criticize or blame

Write down at the end of the day what you learned and what the impact was. Keep this up for 40 days, and you will have started to develop a new coaching management style.

meeting your needs

How can you bring coaching into your organization?

Sir John and his colleagues at Performance Consultants were the first to take coaching into the workplace and coined the term “performance coaching” in the early 1980s. We continue to lead the field in performance improvement through coaching leadership training.

Select one of the options shown. Or get in touch and one of our world-class leadership development consultants will work with you to create a tailored programme that meets your specific needs.

  • Attend a Coaching Course – experience the benefits of coaching first hand. See our Global Training Calendar to find the right course for you
  • Transformational Leader Pathway – learn how to be a leader–coach with a coaching leadership style that creates a culture of high performance for you, your team and entire organization
  • Performance Coach Certification – become a coach or take your coaching skills to the next level so that you can practise transformational leadership coaching
  • Individual Coaching (1:1) – take your leadership to the next level with a tailored, fast-track professional development coaching programme
  • Team Development – unlock the next level of potential in your team with team coaching