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Coaching for Performance

The gold-standard coach training for people who want to unlock potential and maximize performance. The Coaching for Performance training portfolio is extensive and comprehensive coach training for leaders and coaches. Explore the different pathways that we offer and pick the one that is right for your specialist focus. You will learn to put the principles from the bestselling book Coaching for Performance into practice through intelligent and impactful training experiences. You will develop transformational coaching skills that set you apart for life and enable you to rise to the challenges of the 21st Century.

It has changed the way we work – the way we interact as people. You get very strong at a personal relationship level and transform the interaction at the executive level.
Luc Deflem, CEO of Securex

Open the door into the world of performance coaching with Coaching for Performance. Expand what is possible in both human and organizational performance. Developed by the pioneers of coaching and authors of the world #1 coaching book, Coaching for Performance training is the gold standard for leaders and coaches who want to use coaching in organizations.

Sir John Whitmore Coaching for Performance book

For organizations and individuals, there are three pathways to choose from:

Coaching for Performance | Foundation develops the core coaching principles, skills and mindset of a coaching management approach that will unlock potential and sustain high performance in your organization. This course provides gold-standard management coaching skills training from the global leaders in workplace coaching.

The Transformational Leader Pathway is a three-level program for leaders who want to enable extraordinary results. Participants include board members, senior executives, managers and people leaders generally. In 9 months you will transform your thinking about leadership and how you lead.

Performance Coach Certification is the gold-standard professional coach training program that will set you up to become a world-class Performance Coach. Train with the pioneers of coaching to earn the only coach certification qualification with truly global recognition.

Organizations can explore other specialist programs in the Coaching for Performance training portfolio:

Our team coaches are uniquely trained to unleash the potential of teams. We offer tailored team development packages that combine team coaching and skills training to create and sustain a healthy team culture. At the heart of this is team alignment and team culture, both underpinnings for high-performing teams.

Read our Case Study on using coaching skills to maximize team performance.

This program is designed to help Lean practitioners get the most out of Lean initiatives. By focusing on the human element, it brings this into balance with the technical process. By doing this, engagement and involvement improve, as well as sustainable process implementation.

Read about this program in The Financial Times and in our Case Study.

Coaching for Safety Performance will accelerate any behaviour-based safety program. By learning coaching skills, leaders and supervisors can create the culture and engagement needed to positively impact safety performance.

Read about this program in The Financial Times and in our Case Study.

Or select a Coaching for Performance program to suit you:

Self-paced GROW Model course

Are you or your leaders new to coaching or the GROW Model and want to take the first step? GROW Training for Leaders is an on-demand digital course that introduces the skills and understanding needed to use the world-famous GROW Model, co-created by our Founder Sir John Whitmore. It is a self-paced, Action Learning experience, with checklists, guides and other resources to help you to complete challenges in your day-to-day leadership. A digital coaching course is a great first step into the world of leadership coaching and is a gateway to our live facilitated courses.

Coaching foundation

Coaching for Performance | Foundation training was created by the industry pioneer Sir John Whitmore. It introduces the fundamentals of transformational coaching. This is the perfect coaching course for beginners and for refreshing coaching skills. You will learn how to unlock potential and sustain high performance in your organization with management coaching skills training from the global leaders in workplace coaching. You will be able to start applying the skills within organizations immediately.

Advanced coach training

If you are a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), you need Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units to renew your ICF credential. Our programs are aligned with the ICF. Join a group of international peers who are developing their skills in transformational coaching. If you are accredited by the EMCC or the AC, our training counts for Continuous Professional Development for these too.

The Coaching for Performance training portfolio draws on the cutting edge of evolutionary trends in human attitudes, beliefs and behaviours and in consciousness itself. It reflects the advancement of the knowledge and the maturing of the coaching industry. Firmly set in an organizational context, it builds on the latest neuroscience and adult learning theory to offer an experiential learning journey. This is why the Coaching for Performance training programs are considered the industry gold standard.

If you are looking for a performance coach, please see executive coaching.

“Expert facilitators kept us very active with theory, experiential learning, feedback and reflection. If you show up with some goals, you’ll leave with some clear action you feel good about.”
Neil Hanley, Executive Development, Nordea Bank, Norway

Over 40 years ago, our program was the first of its kind in the world. It is still the industry gold-standard because of the impact that it has:

  • Leaders create and lead interdependent teams in which people can grow and fulfil their potential
  • Leaders are able to align individual, team and organizational goals that create a positive impact on the working culture
  • Leaders help others to build their awareness, laying the foundation for their future leadership capability within the team and organization
  • Leaders learn to relate to others from a paradigm of trust – the key to being a great leader
  • Self-awareness is improved – understanding why you do what you do
  • Performance is improved by self-managing and overcoming interference to achieving potential
  • Awareness of others improves which enables you to spot people’s strengths, interferences and motivations to inspire and collaborate more successfully with individuals and teams
  • Social skills are improved
  • Active listening skills are improved

We have trained thousands of Performance Coaches in over 20 countries and all have seen the benefits of Coaching for Performance.

  • Able to relate to others from a paradigm of trust
  • Confident to coach after ‘real play’ coaching practices and the experience of being coached
  • Developed a coaching “toolbox” of useful models and coaching skills and mindset
  • Have learnt and applied foundational philosophy and models of coaching in organizations
  • Understand what organizational coaching is and the context within which it sits
  • Be able to demonstrate the ICF core competencies of a coach
  • Have established your particular style as a performance coach and learned how to develop it
  • Know about the coaching relationship, in terms of framework, processes and outcomes
  • Understanding of models and structures that provide a robust process for high performance coaching engagements that get results.

Benefits for organizations

Having worked with thousands of people across a variety of multinational organizations we know each organization has its own unique mix and priorities, yet all have seen the benefits of Coaching for Performance including:

  • As people’s style of leadership changes from directing to coaching, the culture of the organization also begins to change
  • Hierarchy gives way to partnership and collaboration
  • Blame gives way to honest evaluation and learning
  • Silo thinking is replaced by collaboration
  • Satisfying “the boss” becomes pleasing the customer
  • Secrecy and censorship are replaced by openness and honesty
  • Personal resilience increases as strengths are focused on
  • Short-term fire-fighting gives way to long term strategic thinking
  • Talent retention rates improve as well as the ability to attract top talent

Benefits for teams

The benefits of coaching are multiple and enhanced for intact teams. Teams experience the following benefits:

  • Leadership teams walk the talk, role modelling authentic behaviour
  • Team members take responsibility for the overall health of the culture of the team, it is no longer solely down to the leader
  • Team relationships grow stronger so that team resilience, agility and responsiveness improve
  • Short-term fire-fighting gives way to long term strategic thinking
  • Talent retention rates improve as well as the ability to attract top talent

By equipping practitioners with coaching skills that perfectly complements what they are already doing, both they and their teams feel more empowered, more negagted and able to do more with less.
Caroline Healy, Senior Learning & Development Manager, Medtronic

FAQs – Coaching for Performance

What are the different ways to do the programs? 

There are three ways to do the programs:

GLOBAL COURSES: We deliver programs publicly in all time zones – see Global Course Dates for programs in Asia Pacific, Europe and The Americas. There are a few programs that we only deliver in-house, please contact us to find out about how to bring these programs into your organization.

IN-HOUSE: We can deliver any of our programs for your organization either virtually in your chosen time-zone, or in person at your chosen location.

TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver our programs.

Can training be provided virtually?

Yes, this program can be delivered virtually (online) and in-person. If you are an individual, see Global Course Dates and look for the “Online” tag. If you want to bring this course into your organization, let us know if you want in-person or virtual delivery when you get in touch.

Can training be provided in different languages?

Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

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