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In-person / online coaching Program

Coaching for Performance
Transformational Leader Pathway

The Transformational Leader Pathway includes all the elements for you to develop your authentic leadership style to achieve extraordinary results. Like an MBA, this is an investment that will set you apart for life. It will give you the skills you need to thrive as a leader in the 21st century.

“I recommend Coaching for Performance to all our leaders at Sellafield Ltd and I highly recommend it to all people leaders.”
Mark Drummond, Talent and Leadership, Sellafield Ltd


The Transformational Leader Pathway is a multi-level leadership development program for leaders who want to enable extraordinary results. Participants include board members, senior executives, managers and people leaders. In 9 months you will transform your thinking about leadership and how you lead.

Become a Transformational Leader

The Transformational Leader Pathway is a unique leadership development program. It focuses on behaviour and mindset through mastering coaching for leaders. As we go about our daily life as human beings, we get in our own way. Mostly unconsciously, we create the interference to our own performance. As leaders, we continue this theme and create interference for others.

You will become aware of limiting mindsets and beliefs that hold you, your team and your organization back. You will learn how to shift these mindsets so that you can consciously tap into the full potential of yourself and those around you. You will learn to become a consciously competent “leader–coach” and transformational leader. This program will set you apart in the world as a transformational leader who is able to navigate and thrive amidst the challenges of the 21st century.

Who is the Transformational Leader Pathway for?

The Transformational Leader Pathway is for people who want to take their leadership to the next level. You already have the technical skills you need or are on the road to learning them. Alongside those, to be an extraordinary leader, you also need the soft skills to lead teams and entire organizations. Your fellow participants will include managers, senior executives and board members together with high potential future leaders from around the world. Leaders are not usually looking to become coaches but by developing a “coaching leadership style” they can unleash potential in their organization.


The Transformational Leader Pathway offers a unique leadership journey for deep learning and long-term behaviour change. It develops a powerful and authentic coaching leadership style in organizations which integrates performance and purpose.

It is especially suitable for leaders who want to discover a subtle but profound approach that will take their leadership skills to the next level. Benefits of the program include the following:

  • develop a leadership style fit for the 21st century
  • achieve demonstrable improvements in performance
  • create high-performance cultures in teams and organizations
  • enable empowerment, engagement and enjoyment
  • connect to your purpose in what you do
  • do more with less and achieve work–life balance
  • a return on investment (ROI) review that shows the impact for your organization in your own report

The benefits are not only work-related, you will also find huge benefits in your personal life in relationships, family and life goals

What will my return on investment be?

The last session of your 1:1 coaching will be a Review Session with a specially trained Review Coach. During this session, your Review Coach will gather all the information needed to create a detailed report and return on investment of the Transformational Leader program for you which you can share with your organization.

800% return on investment

The Review Session features our unique evaluation tool, Coaching for Performance ROI, which measures the impact of behaviour changes on the bottom line. We are able to show an average ROI of 800% for participants.


The Transformational Leader package begins with Module 1: Coaching for Performance | Foundation.

Training approach: the “wow factor”

You will experience a world-class, cutting edge learning environment led by our expert facilitators as they guide you on your journey. Our blended learning approach delivers outstanding results. Experiential (not theoretical) and highly interactive, it is based on proven accelerated learning techniques and adult learning theory. Throughout, the learning focus is on practical application and “learning by doing”.

Leaders can be wary of attending training programs, concerned about death by powerpoint or relevance. Our world-class training engages and enthuses participants, and delivers the “wow factor”. Participants describe it as being like tailor-made leadership development that facilitates extraordinary results for them and their organization.

Why choose this program?

Coaching for Performance | Transformational Leader Pathway is the industry gold-standard coaching training for developing collaborative, authentic leadership. Leaders who have graduated from this program say that it gives them the critical leadership skills that enable them to rise to the challenges of the 21st century.


Entry requirements: None
Typical class size: 12 participants
Training hours: 48+ hours
(Foundation Module is 2 days or 4 half days)
Leader Club Access: 6 months

Price for individuals: Please get in touch to enquire more about our new Transformational Leader: Foundation program.


We deliver on-site and online, in multiple languages, for organizations around the world. You have the option to tailor the content and the format to suit your organization’s requirements. And we can train your trainers to deliver our courses.

Contact us with your requirements, or book individual places now on one of our global public workshops.

To bring this program into your organization, email or call:

London: +44 (0)20 3903 0011
New York: +1 917 580 3857
Berlin: +49 30 587 408 63
Beijing: +86 186 1132 9597

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“It’s people that make the difference. Coaching for Performance complements our culture and has considerably improved how we work together, leading to a measurable impact on our business.”
Pat Roche, President, Industrial Group, Moog Inc

Program summary

Coaching for Performance | Foundation

The first module introduces the fundamental coaching principles and skills of Coaching for Performance that are essential to high-performance leadership. The Foundation course comes with 2 months free access to the Leader Club. It develops key emotional intelligence competencies, presents a powerful approach to performance feedback and will give you a taste of the true power of a coaching approach within organizations. You will develop valuable new skills, tools and behaviours that are the basis for creating motivation and success in your organization. With an experiential focus on practice and feedback from our world-class facilitators, you will learn the key coaching skills needed to lead high performance in individuals and teams.

Transformational Leadership

The next two modules each include 4 hours of workshops with 4 months free access to the Leader Club. Building on the fundamental skills learnt in Coaching for Performance by developing and enhancing coaching leadership skills and exploring the change process from a deeper level. Here you will learn about transformational versus transactional leading, emphasizing strengths, reducing internal interferences and empowering people. Leaders learn how to build trust and strong relationships and how to connect “below the waterline” at the level of mindsets, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and power sources which make up our inner reality and which drive our outer reality. You will explore your inner leadership and learn to create a meaningful journey for yourself and others that will increase learning, enjoyment and accountability.

Leadership Award

As you progress on your learning journey, you will be eligible to apply for Transformational Leader accreditation with Performance Consultants.

Also interested in coach certification?

If you are also interested in gaining a performance coaching certification, please speak to our team about our Double Crown accreditation option.

“Coaching for Performance workshop gives leaders access to creating a more profound impact”
Chris Loughran, Vice Chairman, Deloitte, UK


Do participants receive individual support? 

Programs are run with groups of no more than 12 participants. Each individual receives personal attention and feedback from the lead and assistant facilitators who are all highly experienced and qualified coaches. Learning is also supported by an assessment, facilitated supervision calls, practice assignments and a course booklet.

Are there different options for how I can obtain this training for myself or my organization?

Yes, there are several different ways in which the Transformational Leader Pathway can be delivered:

PUBLIC-ACCESS: We deliver leadership and coaching training globally (see the Global Public Workshops Diary) to groups of senior-level, international peers.

IN-HOUSE: We can deliver this leadership program for your organization at your chosen venues, worldwide. To bring this program into your organization, please get in touch.

TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this training. For more information please see here.

Can training sessions be provided in different languages?

Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Interested in the results of this coaching and leadership development training?

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