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Culture Transformation

Create a high-performance culture and transform your organization

Let collaboration, empowerment and innovation flourish across your organization or team. Lead a powerful transformation using our emotionally intelligent approach and create a high-performance culture.

“Performance Consultants is the real deal if you are looking to unleash the vast, untapped human
potential in your organization to drive performance and productivity. Global reach, integrity, depth
of expertise and flawless execution are the hallmarks of this impressive organization.”

John Collingwood, ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and Senior Director, Global Talent Identification & Development, Tupperware Brands Corporation

Culture transformation

Many organizations and teams want to achieve high performance by accessing more of the potential of their people. Some call this a high-performance culture, some an agile culture or a coaching culture. We call it an interdependent culture and we excel at helping cultures mature along The Performance Curve.

Emotionally intelligent change

We partner with teams and organizations to achieve successful and lasting culture transformation. Our Performance Consultants provide an emotionally intelligent change approach starting with alignment around an inspiring vision and an engaging transformation journey.

A balanced system

We look to balance all aspects of your living system, from leadership and behaviours to processes and systems. We draw on our world-class training and coaching to build coaching mindsets and behaviours which encourage collaboration and empowerment to thrive. And we design processes, structures and systems which are aligned to support and sustain the new culture.

Culture Development system

Talk to us about how we can tailor your bespoke culture change journey.

How we support your culture transformation

We can partner with you across all four stages of your transformation journey:

  1. Set your vision – how would you love it to be?
    • Define your vision for your culture
    • Clarify what that means for the organization
    • Align the leadership team around the vision
  2. Understand your current culture
    • Measure: run a cultural diagnostic
    • Identify areas of potential and interference to achieving the vision
  3. Get there – transformation
    • Design future living system
    • Plan and map an engaging transformation journey
    • Change behaviours and develop skills
       – Interventions including training and coaching
       – Bespoke and off the shelf
    • Redesign processes and systems to balance living system
    • Engage and communicate with stakeholders
  4. Keep growing – sustain and embed
    • Monitor changes and adapt if needed
    • Engage and communicate with stakeholders
    • Further behaviour change interventions to refresh and expand

“We had a true partnership with Performance Consultants who helped us every step of the way, from concept to launch to implementation and ongoing tracking.”
Mari-Ann Kucharek CPPC, HR Business Partner, Mubadala, Abu Dhabi

Case study:
Coaching culture

With customers across 10 international markets, International Personal Finance (IPF) asked Performance Consultants to design a practical Train the Trainer coaching course to embed a global coaching culture in their organization that would deliver improved financial performance and higher employee engagement.

Case study:
Safety culture

With over 65,000 employees working in more than 100 countries worldwide, Linde asked Performance Consultants to take a pioneering approach in helping managers and leaders develop the coaching skills needed to engage and empower their teams to address specific behavioural safety challenges and improve safety performance.

“As a repeat customer of Performance Consultants, I have seen their coaching work in action and how it transforms leaders and organizational culture.”
Thorsten Klein, Director, Global Talent & Organization Development, eBay

Changing an organization’s culture requires balance across all areas of that living system. Behavioural changes are not enough without aligned processes, systems and structures to encourage and reward these behaviours. And vice versa, it’s not enough to redesign processes and structures without helping people learn and sustain new ways to interact with each other.

We believe that leaders play a major role in creating the culture of an organization or team. In a culture change we encourage them to role model the desired culture and behaviours from the start. With our support, they understand where they are, align on where they want to go and navigate the transformation journey successfully.

Culture change is more rapid and profound when you engage the entire organization. This doesn’t have to mean a “cookie-cutter” or “sheep dip” approach. We believe in thoughtful and targeted communications and interventions.

Role model the culture you want to introduce from the start. Invest time to set up your transformation team as an interdependent team. Design your program for maximum engagement to co-create solutions with the organization, for the organization.

We approach consulting as if we are coaching the organization. We believe the answers are already in the system. We form a high-performing team through respect, empathy and challenge: key coaching behaviours. Our goal is to co-create solutions with your team that achieve results that are loved by the organization and other stakeholders.

Our team of highly experienced consultants includes a powerful mix of experienced coaches, management consultants and HR directors with an impressive track record of transformation and change management across multiple industries.

Why choose Performance Consultants?

Track record in creating high-performance cultures that deliver practical, measurable results.

Congruence with the culture you want to create – we consult like coaches.

Access to world-class consultants, coaches and culture experts.

Transformational consulting from the pioneers in workplace coaching