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David Brown

As CEO of Performance Consultants, David is responsible for leading the market leader in coaching, leadership development and performance improvement globally.

He is passionate about what it takes to create exceptional performance both individually in oneself and in whole systems. 

Exceptional Performance

David’s first personal experience of this was when he joined a small merchant bank in Australia which in a very short time was transformed into Macquarie Group which today is without doubt one of the leading investment organisations in the world with 52 years of unbroken profitability and more than A $737 billion in assets under management. 

After experiencing and seeing how that transformation was created first-hand, David has since worked with leaders globally to bring that insight and learning into themselves and their organisations to truly allow them to equally make their own quantum leaps forward.

Quantum Leaps Forward

As CEO of Performance Consultants, David was extraordinarily privileged to work directly with Sir John Whitmore who is considered today as one of the pioneers of the coaching movement and the pioneer of performance coaching in the workplace.

Like him, David firmly believes that every individual and organisation has far more ability than they are currently realizing and that the door to that reality is when they make the leap forward to experiencing first-hand the extraordinary potential which already lies within themselves, within their own people and in the world that already exists around them both personally and professionally.

Once this threshold is reached, it really is like a new dawn and every single day from that moment forth they are increasingly conscious that they are alive and that they have been given an extraordinary opportunity to further evolve and transform themselves which has a corresponding mirror effect in and on the world around them that equally accelerates and compounds with time.

David lives and works globally. 


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