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Example Questions for the GROW Model


What do you want? What is your aim for this discussion/session?
How would you like it to be?
What does that look like?
What will you be saying to yourself?
What will that enable you to do?
What will other people be saying to you?
What will you have that you don’t have now?
Imagine 3 months from now, all obstacles are removed and you have achieved this:
What do you see/hear/feel?
What new elements are in place?
What is different?


What is happening at the moment?
How important is this to you?
On a scale of 1–10, if an ideal situation is 10, what number are you at now?
What number would you like to be at?
How do you feel about this?
What impact is this having on you?
What’s on your shoulders?
How does this impact other areas of your life?
What are you doing that takes you towards your goal?
What are you doing that is getting in the way of your goal?
How much …?
How many …?
Who else does it affect?


What could you do?
What ideas do you have?
What alternatives do you have?
Is there anything else?
If there were anything else, what would it be?
What has worked in the past?
What steps could you take?
Who could help you with this?
Where could you find out the information?
How could you do that?


What will you do?
How will you do that?
When will you do it?
Who will you talk to?
Where will you go?
Is there anything you need to put in place before that?
How committed are you to taking that action?
What will it take for you to commit to that?