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Gita Bellin

Gita Bellin has long been acknowledged as one of the pioneers of the Transformation Revolution in Human Behaviour, within a wide range of public and corporate sectors. Her contribution to the knowledge of Cultural Transformation and Spiritual Awareness within all areas of human life has emerged globally over the past five decades.

About Gita Bellin

Gita has spent 60 years studying and teaching the knowledge and philosophies of Eastern and Western disciplines, behavioural and spiritual.

Since 1965 she has taught personal growth, stress management, cultural change and meditation programs throughout the world. Following an early career in English Universities, she travelled through Europe, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, seeking for answers. Many of the answers she discovered are in her books, ‘Amazing Grace Series’. Later she studied in the USA during the 70s when the new thinking in behavioural science was beginning to emerge. She relates that one of the most fulfilling parts of her life has been assisting and training others to facilitate this knowledge globally.

She has extensive experience globally as a facilitator, mentor and coach. She is a leading figure in the drive for global transformation, specifically through ‘Conscious Evolution’.

Gita was an advisor, coach and trainer with McKinsey & Co who drew on her 50 years’ experience and used her IP for their research initiative into Mindsets and Capability Transformation Programs. She has trained Consultants and Facilitators to deliver cultural and behavioural change programs within the firm and to its clients, worldwide. Her IP is now offered on all continents in many languages.

Gita’s main premise is that the Personal Transformation of those who work within a community, society, or an organization creates the energy for the group’s culture to transform. Her message is that Transformation is a metamorphosis, a paradigm shift of consciousness. An event that can never return to past history, it is a shift in root perspective.

By teaching a combination of interpersonal skills, mindfulness, focused attention and other Behavioural Transformation Skills for personal mastery, the desire for authenticity, dignity and real human connection within individuals in a given group is achieved.

Transformation Programmes

Gita Bellin has created a series of highly interactive intermediate- to advanced-level transformation programmes. The programmes have as a central purpose the provision of practical tools, techniques and skills and the experience and understanding of concepts which empower people to transform the quality of their day-to-day lives in any given situation:

  • Transformation Skills for Leaders and Coaches
  • Champions for Change
  • Advanced Personal Mastery

Dynamic Mind Practice

The Dynamic Mind PracticeTM (DMP) is a deep relaxation mindfulness practice which creates the ability to think with increased focus and clarity. Gita Bellin has taught DMP worldwide for over 50 years to assist senior leaders and others to feel calmer, more positive and present.

The GBA Knowledge Foundation has made DMP free to download in an app so now you can develop the knowledge and skills to release stress and relieve fears, worries, anxieties, physical tension and sleeping difficulties.