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Coaching for Safety Performance

Your leaders, managers and supervisors will learn the safety coaching behaviours that create and sustain a high-performance safety environment through this “behaviour-based safety” programme. Developed through our work with one of the world’s leading gas and engineering companies, Linde AG, the Coaching for Performance Safety training portfolio includes a number of different pathways.

“We would like to thank you for your dedication and commitment which has resulted in a great product that is having a positive effect on many. Most importantly, the result of this work shows in the safety statistics. With just 4 of the 6 e-learning modules released so far, our recordable incident rate has fallen from 6 to 1 for the same calendar period.”
Global Programme Sponsor, Construction & Commissioning HSE, Linde Engineering Headquarters, Germany

Coaching for Safety Performance

Transform safety leadership and safety performance at all levels across your organization by adding the impactful safety coaching programmes from the Coaching for Safety Performance Training Portfolio to your core training.

Leader Pathway

The safety culture of your organization is set by the leaders. This live programme enables leaders to see the culture they are creating, how it impacts on safety performance and what they can do to create a high performance safety culture.

The safety coaching Leader Pathway is designed for:

  • Organizations looking to embed sustainable safety behaviours and improve safety performance
  • Leaders in high-reliability environments

Supervisor Pathway

We know how busy your Supervisors are and so we have developed a self-paced online programme so that they can more easily fit it into their day.

The safety coaching Supervisor Pathway is designed for:

  • Organizations looking to embed sustainable safety behaviours and improve safety performance
  • Supervisors in high-reliability environments

What makes this training unique?

This ground-breaking behaviour-based safety programme is the first of its kind to apply coaching skills to improve safety performance. The course is based on our best-selling book, Coaching for Performance. The work has been featured in The Financial Times including that, in the first 3 months of implementation, it achieved an extraordinary 74% safety improvement in the workplace.



Audience: You are a leader or supervisor who wants to improve the safety performance of your workplace
Entry requirements: None
Typical class size: 12 participants
Training Hours: 15 hours

Intensive (in-person or online):
2-day workshop + 2 x 1-hour virtual workshops

Phased (online):
1 x 2-hour workshop + 5 x 3-hour workshops

ICF ACSTH coach certification


We deliver on-site and online, in multiple languages, for organizations around the world. You have the option to tailor the content and the format to suit your organization’s requirements. And we can train your trainers to deliver our courses.

Contact us with your requirements, or book individual places now on one of our global workshops.

To bring this programme into your organization, email or call:

London: +44 (0)20 3903 0011
New York: +1 917 580 3857
Berlin: +49 30 587 408 63
Beijing: +86 186 1132 9597

“Coaching is a great style of effective management.”
Ahmed Elbyaily, HSE Manager, Global Construction HSE at Linde Engineering. Linde Arabian Contracting Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia

Creating a high-performance safety environment through safety coach training

The greatest influencers of an organization’s culture are its leaders, it is their behaviours that create the conditions for performance. This programme focuses on leadership behaviour and teaches a practical approach to real situations.

The results speak for themselves

As leaders, managers and supervisors change their behaviour and approach, the impact is clear and translates to improvements in safety performance: see the graph below, showing the impact seen at Linde Engineering in 1 year.

safety incident reduction

Safety performance

The extensive work done on Safety Maturity Models, including DuPont’s Bradley Curve, tells us that a high-performance safety culture is one in which people are empowered and have ownership of their own goals. Also, that the command and control structure of traditional management correlates to low performance. By equipping leaders, managers and supervisors with a coaching style of management, organizations can equip their leaders with the skills they need to transition to a high-performance safety environment.

Coaching skills transform safety culture

Key to improving safety is an increased awareness of self, others and situation, supported by clear communication between workers and management. This motivates and enables people to take personal ownership for safety, make better decisions and respond in safer ways. A coaching style of management is perfect to achieve this. We deliver intensive live workshops for leaders and a self-paced e-learning safety coaching programme for supervisors to learn to adopt a coaching style in their role. This is the key to developing a leading-edge skill set and behaviours that reduce injuries and incidents and unleash their own potential and that of their team within safety performance … MORE

“This programme gives our supervisors the skills required to create an environment of continuous improvement of health and safety.”
James Thieme, Continuous Improvement Co-ordinator, Linde AG, Germany

Partnering with the European Commission

We have partnered with the European Commission to promote the adoption of coaching as the primary method of driver education throughout Europe. The objective was to facilitate higher safety standards through coaching. This involved retraining 40,000 driving instructors to teach in a coaching way with the specific aim of reducing accidents caused by young males on the road. A disproportionate percentage of young, inexperienced male drivers cause road fatalities, not because they cannot control a car but because they become competitive, aggressive, distracted or they show off. This is subconscious reaction much of the time but, through being coached, they learn to make considered choices through higher awareness that are suitable for the prevailing circumstances and thus reduce the number of fatalities.

Winning the Royal Tournament

The Fleet Air Arm in the UK is the Royal Navy’s aviation branch. It’s all about effective air power and support, both from the sea and shore bases no matter what the weather conditions. Joe Gough, trainer for the Fleet Air Arm’s competition team, trained in coaching skills with Performance Consultants. In the programme, Gough was sceptical but quickly saw the potential benefits of using coaching in place of the usual military command and control method. He put safety coaching to the test in the Field Gun Race, described as “the world’s most dangerous sport” and “the toughest team competition in the world” … MORE

The “Wow Factor”

Helping groups of leaders and managers to develop a coaching style of leadership requires specialized facilitation skills and expertise, consolidated by authentic coaching behaviours. Our approach to training is not a traditional classroom training. We call this “experiential coach facilitation”. As the name suggests, the style is highly experiential and practical (rather than theoretical). It takes advantage of accelerated learning techniques and adult learning theory.

“Coaching creates a culture of interdependence and high safety performance.”
Sir John Whitmore, coaching pioneer


What are the pre-requisites for this programme?

There are no pre-requisites for this programme. However, we ask all participants to come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to a new way of thinking and willing to let go of old ways of doing things.

What are the different ways to do the programme? 

There are two ways to bring this programme into your organization – this programme is not available publicly:

IN-HOUSE: We can deliver this programme for your organization either virtually in your chosen time-zone, or in-person at your chosen location. To bring this programme into your organization, please get in touch.

TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your organization’s trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this programme. For more information please see here.

Can training be provided virtually?

Yes, this programme can be delivered virtually and in-person.

If I want to bring this programme in as part of a wider culture change initiative, how can you help?

Our consulting team includes seasoned organizational transformation experts who can work with you to reach your goals for the programme and bring broader culture change expertise. Get in touch to talk to one of our consultants.

Can training be provided in different languages?

Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

What will I be awarded on completion of this programme?

On successful completion of each level and its requirements, you will be awarded the Coaching for Performance Bronze award which reflects your progress on the Transformational Leader journey. To find out about progressing to Silver and Gold Transformational Leader accreditations please see our Transformational Leader pathway.

I am a leader now but want to become a coach in the long term, does this course count towards coach certification?

Yes, the Transformational Leader pathway includes all the training required to become a professional certified coach. If you are interested in pursuing this option in parallel, please speak to our team.

Interested in the results of this coaching training?

Linde developed safety coaching skills in their managers and leaders to engage and empower their teams to address specific behavioural safety challenges and improve safety performance.

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