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Online 360 feedback tool for leaders and managers Impact 360

The Impact 360 feedback approach was developed by Performance Consultants in partnership with one of the global leaders in measurement. It is based on The Performance Curve model which shows how mindset and behaviours create distinct cultures and levels of performance.

What is Impact 360 leadership assessment?

The Impact 360 feedback assessment is designed to bring leaders and managers new awareness in relation to their leadership style and how their behaviour impacts others and drives performance. The online assessment tool gathers self-feedback from an individual manager or leader and compares it with multi-source feedback from those they work closely with.

Impact 360 provides multiple perspectives from a complete 360° exercise or from fewer rater categories in a 270° or 180° feedback exercise. The rater categories for a 360° survey are:

  • SELF – the person who is the subject of the assessment (the assessee)
  • LINE MANAGER – people who the assessee reports to
  • DIRECT REPORT – people who report to the assessee
  • PEER – colleagues in management
  • OTHER – internal or external stakeholders

Impact 360 objectives

  • Raise awareness in the organization and leader of what constitutes a high-performance culture
  • Identify areas of strength and development in relation to being a world-class leader who creates the optimal culture at work
  • Raise awareness of how the leader’s behaviour impacts on others and drives performance
  • Create an open and professional feedback culture

Impact 360 report

After completing the Impact 360 online assessment, the results are collated into a report and emailed to the individual. An Impact 360 report is not a valuation set in stone, to be feared by leaders. It is the catalyst for powerful and insightful development conversations.

The Impact 360 report includes:

  • Written feedback
  • Competency ratings and charts
  • Recommended development actions
  • Questions to prompt insightful reflection

Why combine Impact 360 with 1:1 feedback coaching?

The Impact 360 is combined with a coaching feedback session to explore the results and learning from the leader’s individual report. 1:1 coaching will allow leaders to:

  • Discover key strengths and what they could do differently to become more effective
  • Connect to their vision and goals and to their organization’s goals
  • Explore options, agree actions and set up accountability

Coaches must be certified in using Impact 360 to be able to conduct a feedback session with the assessment, please see our Impact 360 certification for more information. If you would like to work with one of our professional feedback coaches, please contact us.

Impact 360 in organizations

If you’re looking for a managed 360 or 180 assessment service and 1:1 feedback coaching for multiple leaders or entire management populations, please let us know your requirements. We offer Impact 360 webinars, individual and group reports and a choice of in-person or virtual feedback coaching.

IMPACT 360 Leadership Assessment

Audience: Suitable for any manager, leader, or senior executive

Format: Virtual assessment + virtual coaching

Typical Impact 360 process:
– Identify objectives for the exercise
– Receive materials on the tool & process
– Select feedback participants
– Complete assessment (self & others)
– Review and reflect on Impact 360 report
– 1:1 virtual feedback coaching session to explore results and set actions

For corporate groups we also offer:
– Impact 360 kick off session for managers
– Impact 360 info session for staff
– Group Impact 360 reports
– Group debrief sessions
– Group coaching
– Team coaching

What makes Impact 360 unique?

Impact 360 is a new tool for a new era and is the latest iteration of a tool we first developed in 2006. It is designed for leaders and organizations wanting to create collaborative coaching cultures. We see the clear benefits of this based on decades of leadership experience and specialist coaching knowledge from working with the world’s top organizations in over 40 countries.

Impact 360 feedback is a sharing of different perspectives. A real learning opportunity where new information is presented with the intention of raising awareness, not correcting. It is the responsibility of the leader to lead on their own development and learning. In this way, the approach enables transformation – once we are aware of something, we cannot become unaware and we adjust accordingly.

Leaders have the biggest impact on organizational performance. Impact 360 puts them in the driving seat of their development, with a clear focus on what they can do to create a culture of high performance.

The Performance Curve

The Performance Curve | Performance Consultants International

If you are a coach and would like to use Impact 360 with your client, you will need to certify in the tool. Please see our Impact 360 certification page.

What are the next steps to become a coach or leader-coach?

Leader Pathway

The Transformational Leader Pathway is a three module programme for leaders who want to enable extraordinary results. Participants include board members, senior executives, managers and people leaders generally.

Coach Certification

Performance Coach certification is for people who want to specialize in 1:1 leadership coaching and gain a qualification as a professional coach with the International Coach Federation.


What is 360° feedback?

360° feedback provides individuals the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her manager, peers, reporting staff members and co-workers. Participants will be asked a series of open and competency-based questions which are then collated together and presented in a way that is easy to absorb. This enables the recipient to use their 360° feedback constructively to create a personal plan of development.

Do I really need 360° feedback?

Understanding ourselves and how we interact with others helps us realize the impact we have on those around us. The perceptions of others within our circle of influence (whether those perceptions are accurate or not) often impact our level of success. Receiving and using 360° feedback is a vital part of performance, growth and development. The Impact 360° tool is an effective management tool in professional development and has consistently shown to be a major part of driving accelerated growth and performance for an individual, team and organization.

Why is 360° feedback important?

The first step in improving individual or organizational performance is gaining an awareness of our level of performance. We cannot begin to improve until we are aware of our behaviours and how others perceive them.

Based on the needs of your organization, it is important to align the feedback process to reach your objectives, for instance:
1. Targeted Development
– Focuses on personal and career development
– Discovers where you are and where you need to grow or improve
– Results in the creation of a personalized action plan
2. Team Effectiveness
– Focuses on team effectiveness skills along with strengths and areas for improvement
– Allows groups to come together to share their personal goals and work better as a team
– Promotes a safe environment to share “the undiscussables”
3. Performance Appraisal
– Creates a 360° perspective of job performance and behaviours
– Provides a more objective view of individual contributions and effectiveness
– Results can be factored into actions such as a personal plan of development.

What’s the difference between a 360° and 180° leadership assessment?

360° feedback includes self-feedback from the subject of the assessment (the leader or “assessee”) and people at all levels of relationship with the assessee. A 180° assessment gathers self-feedback from the leader and one or two other rater categories. For example, a 180° feedback survey could include the leader and their line manager or the leader and their peers. Some organizations choose to include the line manager and direct reports in their 180° feedback process.

Can Impact 360 be used for a 270° or 180° survey?

Yes, Impact 360 can be completed as a 360°, 270° or 180° because it allows for any combination of self-feedback from the leader and feedback from one or more of the following multi rater categories: line manager, direct report, peer, other.

Is the feedback provided anonymously?

By default, 360° feedback is anonymous as this allows the recipient to receive comprehensive and candid feedback in a safe environment. It also enables the recipient to focus on the substance of their assessment, rather than one specific person’s thoughts.

Does Performance Consultants host tailored 360 leadership surveys?

Yes, we host and manage fully customized leadership assessments on our online assessment platform. This service meets the unique requirements of organizations who want to have their own assessment that measures their own leadership competencies and leadership behaviours. The cost is dependent on the extent of the level of survey design and customization required.

My organization has its own leadership competencies. Will they fit with Impact 360?

We can work with you to show how your organization’s leadership competencies map to the interdependent leadership competencies in Impact 360.

Do coaches need 360 certification to use Impact 360 with their clients?

Yes, coaches are required to complete Impact 360 Coach Certification to ensure they offer the best service to their clients. You can find out more information on our page here.

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Leadership assessment included with coaching training and executive coaching

transformational leadership development program

Our Transformational Leader Pathway is unique leadership journey. Develop an authentic coaching leadership style with coaching training and executive coaching sessions. Along the way, completing Impact 360 assessment to deepen the learning and create long-term success.

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