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What ingredients make a fantastic workplace?

Discover the ingredients that make a fantastic workplace

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Glassdoor’s annual list of top workplaces, which is the result of anonymous employee reviews, makes for interesting reading. One of a number of workplace rankings, this survey canvassed employees on a number of areas including compensation, benefits, career opportunities, work–life balance and support structures. You can read the list in full here.

Top of the list was Airbnb, followed by Bain & Company, Guidewire, Hubspot and Facebook. Noticeably, common positive traits in the top 10 included a supportive corporate culture, opportunities for development, the opportunity to learn, flexibility and lower levels of micromanaging.

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As an example, Bain & Company was praised for having “an incredibly supportive culture with an incredible focus on learning and mentoring”. Or with Hubspot, a marketing software firm, “the leadership places a heavy emphasis on employee growth across all divisions”. Meanwhile, one Facebook employee writes: “The perks are wonderful, but the professional experience is even better. You are free and expected to guide your own career in a way that makes an impact on your goals. This place is incredibly mission-focused and product-driven. I feel the energy every day working here”.

Interestingly, no banks or financial services companies make the top 50 but the leaders include software companies, healthcare, airlines and management consultancies, as well as some huge multinationals like Chevron, Apple, Costco, GE Aviation and Nike. There is also a second list devoted to SMEs, published here.

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