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International Coaching Federation (ICF) Update: What does it mean for aspiring or existing performance coaches? 

Announcement of our new Performance Coach Pathway and all you need to know about the latest ICF changes.

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The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has announced some changes to their coach credentialing process:  

  • Updated application paths require Mentor Coachingand Performance Evaluations to be delivered by your Coaching Education provider.
  • ACSTH Path has been replaced by ICF Level 1 Path.
  • New ICF Credentialing Exam.

What it means for you: 

  1. Our Silver Plan is now ICF Level 1 accredited.
  1. We’ve changed the names of our modules to avoid confusion (see below).
  1. After your Performance Evaluation we’ll issue the ICF Level 1 Certificate you need to apply for an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).
Level 1 ICF-accredited coaching education
performance consulting leadership-development-consulting
transformational leadership development program

As a result of ICF changing the name of their path, we’re excited to announce the new naming of our Coach Certification Pathway modules: * 

  • Bronze Plan
    Module 1: Coaching for Performance | Foundation 
    4 months of Coach Club 
  • Silver Plan
    Module 1: Coaching for Performance | Foundation 
    Module 2: Coaching for Performance | Intermediate 
    Module 3: Coaching for Performance | Advanced 
    Impact 360 assessment  
    Mentor Coaching 
    12 months of Coach Club 
  • Gold Plan:  
    Module 1: Coaching for Performance | Foundation 
    Module 2: Coaching for Performance | Intermediate 
    Module 3: Coaching for Performance | Advanced 
    Module 4: Coaching for Transformation 
    Module 5: Self-Transformation 
    Module 6: Advanced Coaching for Transformation 
    Impact 360 assessment  
    Mentor Coaching 
    24 months Coach Club 

* Mapping old module numbers to new: 
Level 1 = Module 1 
Level 2.1 & Level 2.2 = Module 2 & Module 3 
Level 3.1, Level 3.2 & Level 3.3 = Module 4, Module 5 & Module 6 

Refer to the infographic below to familiarize yourself with our set program. Our team are happy to assist or support you on any queries you may have.


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Sir John and his colleagues at Performance Consultants were the first to take coaching into the workplace and coined the term “performance coaching” in the early 1980s. We continue to lead the field in performance improvement through coaching leadership training.

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  • Team Development – unlock the next level of potential in your team with team coaching