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Lean coaching training
Coaching for Lean Performance

Help your leaders and managers to integrate coaching skills with lean principles and processes with our Coaching for Lean Performance programme, developed through our work with Medtronic, the world’s premier medical technologies company.

This programme ensures empathy, heart and purpose is right at the centre of Lean, and gives practitioners a turbo boost to improve performance. By equipping them with coaching skills that perfectly complement what they are already doing, both Lean practitioners and their teams feel more empowered, more engaged and able to do more with less.
Caroline Healy, Senior HRD Manager, Medtronic, Ireland

Coaching for Lean Performance

Coaching for Lean Performance is a programme for leaders and managers of Lean implementation which takes the principles of Awareness and Responsibility, and using a sequence such as GROW, to enable individuals and teams to find and implement their own solutions.

Designed for:

  • Organizations looking to improve the effectiveness of Lean implementation
  • Leaders of Lean implementation looking to increase its effectiveness
  • Managers of Lean implementation looking to increase its effectiveness

A Lean coaching approach improves efficiency and quality

The core principle of Lean is continuous improvement. This is in perfect alignment with one of the cornerstones of coaching – learning. In Lean, the process for achieving this continuous improvement is through:

  • gaining awareness of what is/isn’t working;
  • using the individuals and teams within the direct production area as experts; and
  • identifying ways to build further on strengths and improves areas of weakness.

A coaching style of management strengthens Lean management

Performance Consultants works at the transformational level as opposed to the transactional level in order to create sustainable behavioural change for long-term success. We deliver in-house corporate Lean coaching programmes globally that are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Integrating a coaching approach with Lean Six Sigma processes

As the world’s premier medical technologies, services and solutions company, Medtronic, Inc implements Lean Six Sigma in its global medical devices manufacturing plants and core financial processes. By applying both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to a process, Medtronic knows it is running the most optimized and efficient process possible. In 2012, Medtronic asked Performance Consultants to create a Lean coaching programme that would integrate a coaching approach with Lean Six Sigma processes … MORE

What makes this training unique?

Train with the pioneers of coaching who offer the gold-standard training in coaching skills for Lean practitioners based on our best-selling book, Coaching for Performance. Our work has been featured in The Financial Times and the benefits proven by one of Europe’s leading Business Schools.



Audience: Managers and leaders of Lean implementation
Entry requirements: None
Typical class size: 12 participants
Training Hours: 15 hours

Intensive (in-person or online):
2-day workshop + 2 x 1-hour virtual workshops

Phased (online):
1 x 2-hour workshop + 5 x 3-hour workshops

ICF ACSTH coach certification

*Also available with Silver and Gold plans


We deliver on-site and online, in multiple languages, for organizations around the world. You have the option to tailor the content and the format to suit your organization’s requirements. And we can train your trainers to deliver our courses.

Contact us with your requirements, or book individual places now on one of our global workshops.

To bring this programme into your organization, email or call:

London: +44 (0)20 3903 0011
New York: +1 917 580 3857
Berlin: +49 30 587 408 63
Beijing: +86 186 1132 9597

“Coaching is a great style of effective management.”
Ahmed Elbyaily, HSE Manager, Global Construction HSE at Linde Engineering. Linde Arabian Contracting Co Ltd, Saudi Arabia

The “Wow Factor”

Helping groups of leaders and managers to develop a coaching style of leadership requires specialized facilitation skills and expertise, consolidated by authentic coaching behaviours. Our approach to training is not a traditional classroom training. We call this “Experiential Coach Facilitation”. As the name suggests, the style is highly experiential and practical (versus theoretical), and takes advantage of Accelerated Learning Techniques and Adult Learning Theory.

Lean Coaching Programme Options

  • IN-HOUSE: We can deliver training for your organization at multiple venues of your choice, worldwide
  • BESPOKE OR OFF THE SHELF: We can tailor a coaching training programme perfectly to fit your organization’s unique requirements and strategic objectives
  • MULTI-CULTURAL & MULTI-LINGUAL: Our world-class trainers and materials are available for delivery globally
  • TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your in-house trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver our training programme
  • ONLINE: This can be delivered as an online programme with synchronous (live) online training, asynchronous lessons, coaching demos, exercises and other study aids and mentor coaching
  • BLENDED LEARNING: Our e-Learning system is available as a resource and support for our in-house performance improvement programmes
  • CERTIFICATION: On completion of the minimum requirements, all participants receive a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD).

To order an in-house programme or to discuss how we can support the specific training needs of your managers, leaders and organization, please email or call +44 (0)20 3903 0011.

Benefits of this course

  • Leaders create and lead interdependent teams in which people can grow and fulfil their potential
  • Leaders are able to align individual, team and organizational goals that create a positive impact on the working culture
  • Leaders help others to build their awareness, laying the foundation for their future leadership capability within the team and organization
  • Leaders learn to relate to others from a paradigm of trust – the key to being a great Leader
  • Self-awareness is improved – understanding why you do what you do
  • Performance is improved by self-managing and overcoming interference to achieving potential
  • Awareness of others improves which enables you to spot people’s strengths, interferences and motivations to inspire and collaborate more successfully with individuals and teams
  • Social skills are improved
  • Active listening skills are improved

“Many thanks for your help and approach. I felt that you were interested in me as an individual rather than just a number. I hope I can live up to the standards that you have opened up as my potential.”
Participant, Coaching for Lean Performance Workshop


What are the pre-requisites for this programme?

There are no pre-requisites for this programme. However, we ask all participants to come with a “beginner’s mind”, open to a new way of thinking and willing to let go of old ways of doing things.

What are the different ways to do the programme? 

There are two ways to bring this programme into your organization – this programme is not available publicly:

IN-HOUSE: We can deliver this programme for your organization either virtually in your chosen time-zone, or in-person at your chosen location. To bring this programme into your organization, please get in touch.

TRAIN THE TRAINER (TTT): We can equip your organization’s trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver this programme. For more information please see here.

Can training be provided virtually?

Yes, this programme can be delivered virtually and in-person.

If I want to bring this programme in as part of a wider culture change initiative, how can you help?

Our consulting team includes seasoned organizational transformation experts who can work with you to reach your goals for the programme and bring broader culture change expertise. Get in touch to talk to one of our consultants.

Can training be provided in different languages?

Yes, we can deliver in over 20 different languages on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

What will I be awarded on completion of this programme?

On successful completion of each level and its requirements, you will be awarded the Coaching for Performance Bronze award which reflects your progress on the Transformational Leader journey. To find out about progressing to Silver and Gold Transformational Leader accreditations please see our Transformational Leader pathway.

I am a leader now but want to become a coach in the long term, does this course count towards coach certification?

Yes, the Transformational Leader Pathway includes all the training required to become a professional certified coach. If you are interested in pursuing this option in parallel, please speak to our team.

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Interested in the results of this lean coaching training?

The world’s premier medical technologies company, Medtronic wanted to bring together the principles of coaching and integrate them with Lean Six Sigma. They asked Performance Consultants to design and deliver a leading edge global learning programme that could be deployed at scale, within an 8-week deadline.

Why choose Performance Consultants?

The most recommended professional coach training company by clients worldwide.

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