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Season’s Greetings from Performance Consultants

    Season’s greetings from Performance Consultants! Managing Director and Co-Founder Tiffany Gaskell reflects on an incredible 2021 at Performance Consultants.

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    What are the two words that sum 2021 up for you?

    My two words for 2021 would be watershed and life-changing. The world is in the midst of extraordinary change, and we are seeing a watershed moment for leadership globally. People want more from their leaders and organizations; they want to find purpose in their work. Old norms are revealing themselves as not fit for purpose. Our mission for 2022 is to enable leaders to rise to this challenge and develop a leadership style that is authentic, purpose orientated and will benefit future generations. COP26 has brought the triple bottom line of PEOPLE, PROFIT and PLANET more sharply in focus. This is life-changing work – both for us and our clients. 

    “Coaching will be the midwife of transformation for human society.”

    Sir John Whitmore

    What is the biggest change you have seen over the year?

    I have said many times before that if there were a manual that taught us how to operate as human beings, coaching would be it. For me personally, my transformation has been profound – my old behaviours of, frankly, control and aggression have been replaced by being intentional and adaptable in flow. One of my team members who has been with us for 14 years was not shy in telling me so just the other day! The Great Resignation is evidence that people everywhere are looking to find their own way. As our Co-Founder, Sir John Whitmore, said “coaching will be the midwife of transformation for human society” and we are increasingly witness to this. More people than ever are waking up to the benefits of coaching.  

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    What is the biggest challenge you have seen to coaching this year?

    Unfortunately, what ‘coaching’ actually is continues to confuse! The confusion lies in who is being coached and by whom. For me, there are two main types of coaching in organizations:

    • Professional coaching – in this situation, the person doing the coaching should be a formally certified coach
    • Leaders coaching their team members – a leader who adopts a coaching leadership style with their team members. In this situation, the person using coaching should be formally trained to use coaching skills in their role.

    Both of these activities are transformational if the person doing the coaching has been taught transformational coaching.

    What is new in the business this year?

    To clarify our offerings, in relation to the above, we have launched two distinct products:  

    Performance Coach Certification – the gold-standard training for coaches that gives the complete Performance Coach Toolkit for working in organizsations. Having coined the term “performance coaching” in the early 1980s and created the industry, this programme is the ultimate coaching credential. 

    Transformational Leader Certification – what we say about this certification is that “like an MBA, this is an investment that will set you apart for life.”  I was sharing this with the main shareholder of a multi-national the other day who has done this programme and he said “No! It is higher than an MBA!” Suffice to say that it will give you the skills you need to thrive as a leader in the 21st century. 

    What have you enjoyed about your client work in 2021?

    I can’t talk about who most of our clients are!  However, it is extraordinarily gratifying to have been approached and now be working with some of the most well-known names on the planet. We think of our work in terms of souls touched and, in the Medtronic webinar in May, it was really heart-warming to hear not only about how our work is transforming the lives of their 10,000 people leaders but also of the trickle-down effect onto their 72 million customers globally.   

    In China, under our great MD, Jeffrey Wu, the operation continues to go from strength to strength.

    What are your predictions for 2022?

    2022 will be our moment of truth for humanity. Will we pull together as an interdependent global society and tackle COVID-19 and climate change or will we stumble?  The stakes are high for all of us.  Our mission is to evolve human consciousness: the basic principles of coaching are awareness and responsibility. We are aware, can we also be responsible?

    What are your personal highlights?

    My personal highlights are reflecting on the extraordinary community and team spirit that we have in our organization and my gratitude for that. And, in my personal life, that I have the love and strength of my wonderful family around me including my extraordinary husband, delightful daughter and very entertaining 82-year-old mother!

    Anything else?

    Yes, I would like to acknowledge the extraordinary work of all our team globally. It is an honour to do this work and to do it with like-minded people who are passionate about it, thank you! Hang on, things are about to get exciting!

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    How can you bring coaching into your organization?

    Sir John and his colleagues at Performance Consultants were the first to take coaching into the workplace and coined the term “performance coaching” in the early 1980s. We continue to lead the field in performance improvement through coaching leadership training.

    Select one of the options shown. Or get in touch and one of our world-class leadership development consultants will work with you to create a tailored programme that meets your specific needs.

    • Attend a Coaching Course – experience the benefits of coaching first hand. See our Global Training Calendar to find the right course for you
    • Transformational Leader Pathway – learn how to be a leader–coach with a coaching leadership style that creates a culture of high performance for you, your team and entire organization
    • Performance Coach Certification – become a coach or take your coaching skills to the next level so that you can practise transformational leadership coaching
    • Individual Coaching (1:1) – take your leadership to the next level with a tailored, fast-track professional development coaching programme
    • Team Development – unlock the next level of potential in your team with team coaching