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Self-coaching using the GROW Model | Worksheet

GROW Model self-reflection exercise

First, identify something you would like to achieve at work.

Then, write down your answers to the following questions, interpreting them in the way that seems appropriate to you.


What would you like to work on?

What would you like to have after answering this set of questions (eg a first step/strategy/solution)?

What is your goal related to this issue?

When are you going to achieve it?

What are the benefits for you in achieving this goal?


Who else will benefit and in what way?

What will it be like if you achieve your goal?

What will you see/hear/feel?

What is the real issue?

What action have you taken so far?

What is moving you towards your goal?

What is getting in the way?


What different kind of options do you have to achieve your goal?

What else could you do?

What would you say to somebody else with the same goal?

What are the principal advantages and disadvantages of each option?

Which options will you choose to act upon?


When are you going to start each action?

What could anyone else do to give you support and when will you ask for it?

How committed are you, on a scale of 1–10, to taking each of these actions?

If it is not a 10, what would make it a 10?

What will you commit to doing?
(Note: It is also an option to do nothing and review at a later date.)

Are you closer now to achieving your goal?

Do you feel ‘empowered’ and more confident because you have experienced that by asking yourself the right questions and listening to yourself you can find your own solutions?

The questions in the exercise help raise your awareness, which encourages you to take responsibility for achieving your goal. The fact that you come up with your own solutions will also raise your confidence that you can achieve your goal.