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Tiffany Gaskell, MBA, PCC, CPCC

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Tiffany is an international authority on leadership development and one of the top Performance Coaches globally. Her work is underpinned by her belief that organizations need to become vehicles through which people fulfil their potential. When people can thrive and fulfil their own dreams while achieving those of the organization, the byproducts are high performance, growth and profit.

About Tiffany Gaskell

As co-CEO of Performance Consultants, Tiffany’s work covers major client relationships, new business development and the integration of coaching and leadership offerings.

She coaches CEOs, other C-suite executives, senior leaders and internal corporate champions to improve the performance of global companies.

Tiffany is a regular presenter and keynote speaker on topics such as coaching, leadership and culture.

Tiffany is the creator of The Performance Curve, a model that helps organizations and leaders understand how their leaders impact performance.

She devised the coaching evaluation tool Coaching for Performance ROI, to measure the transformational benefits of coaching. As a result, Performance Consultants is able to show an average 800% return on investment to their clients.

She has a background in investment banking, having previously worked at the leading derivatives house Credit Suisse Financial Products in New York and London. She was Head of Compliance for The Americas and then went on to Derivatives Sales & Trading where she was responsible for financial institutions in Italy and Portugal.

She has a BA (Hons) from Bristol University, an MBA from SDA Bocconi in Italy and is a PCC certified coach.

Keynote speaker

Tiffany is a regular presenter and keynote speaker on topics such as coaching, leadership and culture. For example, she has delivered keynotes at EIGA’s Human Factors Conference in Brussels, Ericsson’s Innovation Conference in Madrid, and at Poland’s leading business school, JKB in Krakow. See below Keynote Sample filmed at The Queen’s Club, London, with Sir John Whitmore, co-founder of Performance Consultants International.

In the media

  • In a Financial Times opinion on “Managing Others” (Andrew Hill, 28 May 2018) Tiffany makes the case for leaders and managers to act like coaches. She says “executives and teams can be coached to reduce ‘interference’ from outside factors such as stress and blame, and realize their potential”.
  • In ‘Train to Gain’, a special report on coach training published by Coaching at Work, Tiffany is interviewed about the trends and results Performance Consultants observe in their work with organizations, and says that coaching is “the practical skill that managers require to create high performance in organizations”.
  • Tiffany shares her insights on a coaching approach with Kerry Eustice in The Guardian, in an article exploring emotional intelligence (EQ) and the fast-growing demand for leaders with a coaching style.
  • In an article on wellbeing at work in The Sunday Times, Tiffany explains “We’re not encouraged to be human in the work place but when we finally get in touch with ourselves through programmes such as Coaching for Performance it’s such a relief to actually be who we are, it’s like finding the truth for ourselves for the first time”.
  • Tiffany shares her thoughts with Amy Elisa Jackson for Glassdoor, on why leaders need executive coaching to unlock their potential to maximize their own performance and that of their organization. Tiffany says that “more and more companies and individuals view coaching as providing a competitive advantage to both individual and company by creating outstanding leadership competence”. She explains that it is “vitally important for leaders in today’s world to be values-driven, have broad and deep vision, be authentic (be who they really are, and not be afraid to be so in front of others), be agile and be aligned. Coaching and other forms of self-development are great ways to explore and develop these parts of oneself”.


  • Fluent English
  • Conversational French
  • Conversational Italian


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation (ICF), Lexington, KY, USA
  • Certified Corporate Performance Coach (CCPC), Performance Consultants International, London, UK
  • Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC), The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), San Rafael, CA, USA
  • Certified Culture Consultant, Barrett Values Centre, Waynesville, NC, USA
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy