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Transpersonal Coach Training

Transpersonal coaching is based on transpersonal psychology. It actively engages with an individual’s spiritual intelligence (SQ) and builds on emotional intelligence (EQ) to enable deeper and broader perspectives on the challenges we face today.

“Inspirational… This course calls forth our deepest yearning – finding meaning in the expression of our higher purpose through our daily contribution.”
John Collingwood, Director, Global Organization Development, Medtronic Inc, (USA)

About Transpersonal Coach Training

Transpersonal Coach Training is a 2-day workshop designed by Sir John Whitmore and Hetty Einzig. It will give you leading-edge, values-based coaching principles and techniques to help your clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are and create deep and meaningful change. Practising transpersonal coaching will help you understand how self-mastery, multiplicity, authenticity and whole systems are paramount to achieving higher performance and authentic leadership in one’s self and others.

Course content for Transpersonal Coach Training

This practical and highly experiential workshop is essential for coaches and leaders wanting to explore the emotional and spiritual aspects of coaching and further hone the skills of presence, listening and building trust and self-belief. It provides a valuable approach and tools for HR professionals and agents of transformation who want to include the transpersonal dimension to take their organizational development work to the next level.

To learn more about transpersonal coaching, read “Transpersonally Speaking” from Training & Coaching Today.

Transpersonal Coach Training introduces a new paradigm of thinking and coaching. The programme is supported with discussion and practice. Over the course of two days you will work with:

  • Two Dimensions of Growth;
  • Learning and Unlearning;
  • “Us” and “Them” Boundaries;
  • Creative use of Crisis and Failure;
  • Sub-personalities;
  • Coaching the Self: Love and Will;
  • Dis-identification;
  • Bigger-than-self Goals and Service;
  • Deep Frames to Explore Values & Purpose;
  • Self-actualization to Self-realization.


Entry requirements: None
Typical class size: 12 participants
Format: 2 full days
(in-person or online)

Price: £1,620 (£1,350 + VAT)


We deliver on-site and online, in multiple languages, for organizations around the world. You have the option to tailor the content and the format to suit your organization’s requirements. And we can train your trainers to deliver our courses.

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Beijing: +86 186 1132 9597

“The wisdom imparted to and emerged from the group underscores the importance of continuing to work on our own consciousness, transcending ego to be fully available to others in a coaching capacity. The possibilities this connectedness invokes in relationship, both personal and professional will be sustained over time.”
John Collingwood, Director, Global Organization Development, Medtronic Inc, (USA)

What makes this training unique?

This course was designed by Sir John Whitmore, the pioneer of coaching in organizations. It reflects a transpersonal psychology which emphasizes the principle of will, intention or responsibility. Too much workplace coaching is transactional – transpersonal coaching is built on the philosophy of awareness and responsibility.

Sir John Whitmore Coaching for Performance book

“I unreservedly recommend this course to those wishing to develop their leadership and coaching skills.”
John Collingwood, Director, Global Organization Development, Medtronic Inc, (USA)

What are the benefits of this course?

At the end of this unique workshop you’ll be equipped with:

  • more evocative and exploration-oriented questioning skills;
  • raised awareness of your coaching presence and its impact;
  • access and trust in your ‘inner-knowing’ as a coach;
  • confidence and ability to work with strong emotions in your clients;
  • enhanced listening skills to hear client language and underlying beliefs;
  • experienced use of metaphor and analogy to explore emotions.


At the end of the programme you’ll have 15 learning hours and receive a Certificate of Professional Development.

What are the steps to become a coach or leader-coach?

Leader Pathway

The Transformational Leader Pathway is a three module programme for leaders who want to enable extraordinary results. Participants include board members, senior executives, managers and people leaders generally.

Coach Certification

Performance Coach Certification is for people who want to specialize in 1:1 leadership coaching and gain a qualification as a professional coach with the International Coaching Federation.

“Transpersonal coaching opens the door to the superconscious realm and the reservoir of potential, of creativity, of innovation, of aspiration, of peak experience, the absolute of joy, love and compassion.”
Sir John Whitmore, pioneer of transpersonal coaching

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