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A coaching and leadership webinar with Carolyn Dawson, PCC, CPCC

We believe that a great Leader–Coach operates at a transformational rather than transactional level. An advanced mindset and skillset are required to explore “beneath the surface” with a direct report or coachee.

How do you grow from being a good Leader–Coach to being a GREAT Leader–Coach?

In this webinar, one of our lead coach facilitators Carolyn Dawson unpacks the famous Iceberg Coaching Model and provides an overview of our Level 2 Coaching for Performance programme.

This is a great opportunity for those wanting to take their leadership and coaching to the next level. It also provides ideas for experienced coaches to refresh or challenge their thinking.

Watch this webinar to discover what it means for Leader–Coaches to coach beneath the surface and unlock people’s latent potential. It will give you a flavour of Level 2 of our coaching certification pathway, and where it can take your professional and personal development.

Carolyn Dawson is a Senior Consultant, Lead Facilitator and Executive Coach. She is a professionally qualified coach (PCC, CPCC) and coach facilitator with extensive experience in the design and delivery of coaching training for business leaders.